Unite 2017 Europe

October 3 - 5 — Austin, Texas

Alex Schwartz, Chief Executive Owl, Owlchemy Labs

Alex Schwartz

Chief Executive Owl

Owlchemy Labs

Sharon Goza, Integrated Graphics, Operations, and Analysis Laboratory Manager, NASA Johnson Space Center

Sharon Goza

Integrated Graphics, Operations, and Analysis Laboratory Manager

NASA Johnson Space Center

Neill  Blomkamp, Director, Oats Studios

Neill Blomkamp


Oats Studios

Carl  Callewaert, Global Director Of Evangelism, Unity Technologies

Carl Callewaert

Global Director Of Evangelism

Unity Technologies

Joachim  Ante, CTO and Co-founder, Unity Technologies

Joachim Ante

CTO and Co-founder

Unity Technologies

Mike  Coeck, Managing Director, Cybernetic Walrus

Mike Coeck

Managing Director

Cybernetic Walrus

Clive  Downie, Chief Marketing Officer, Unity Technologies

Clive Downie

Chief Marketing Officer

Unity Technologies

Andrew  Eiche, Producer, Developer, Alleged Certified Adult™, Owlchemy Labs

Andrew Eiche

Producer, Developer, Alleged Certified Adult™

Owlchemy Labs

Nicolas  Meuleau, Director of AI Research, Unity Technologies

Nicolas Meuleau

Director of AI Research

Unity Technologies

Adam  Myhill, Head of Cinematics, Unity Technologies

Adam Myhill

Head of Cinematics

Unity Technologies

Jonathon  Sze, COO, Cloudmoolah

Jonathon Sze



Charles  Sanglimsuwan, Developer Relations Engineer, Unity Technologies

Charles Sanglimsuwan

Developer Relations Engineer

Unity Technologies

David  Laskey, Programmer, Team TumbleSeed

David Laskey


Team TumbleSeed

Eric   Robinson, Lead Developer, Sonic Bloom, LLC

Eric Robinson

Lead Developer

Sonic Bloom, LLC

Jonathan Chambers, Lead Developer, Unity Technologies

Jonathan Chambers

Lead Developer

Unity Technologies

Bryant Cannon, Lead Engineer, Night School Studio

Bryant Cannon

Lead Engineer

Night School Studio

Lucas  Meijer, Tech Director, Unity Technologies

Lucas Meijer

Tech Director

Unity Technologies

Brian  Brownie, Director of Publisher Platform, Unity Technologies

Brian Brownie

Director of Publisher Platform

Unity Technologies

Siyu  Song, Engineering Manager, Mapbox

Siyu Song

Engineering Manager


Michael  Hutchinson , Chief Scientist, Baobab

Michael Hutchinson

Chief Scientist


Isabelle  Riva, Head of Made With Unity, Unity Technolgies

Isabelle Riva

Head of Made With Unity

Unity Technolgies

Josh  Naylor, Evangelism Lead, Unity Technologies

Josh Naylor

Evangelism Lead

Unity Technologies

Ciro  Continisio, Technical Evangelist, Unity Technologies

Ciro Continisio

Technical Evangelist

Unity Technologies

Martin Robaszewski, Director, Software Engineering, Crowdstar/Glu Mobile

Martin Robaszewski

Director, Software Engineering

Crowdstar/Glu Mobile

Tarrnie Williams, CEO and Co-Founder, Blueprint Reality Inc

Tarrnie Williams

CEO and Co-Founder

Blueprint Reality Inc

Ryan Hipple, Principal Engineer,, Schell Games

Ryan Hipple

Principal Engineer,

Schell Games

Mark  Choi, Head of Developer Analytics, Unity Technologies

Mark Choi

Head of Developer Analytics

Unity Technologies

Vinny  DaSilva, Developer Evangelist , Vuforia

Vinny DaSilva

Developer Evangelist


Chuka Ikokwu, Senior Manager, Data Science, Unity Technologies

Chuka Ikokwu

Senior Manager, Data Science

Unity Technologies

Rus  Scammell, Product Manager, 2D, Unity Technologies

Rus Scammell

Product Manager, 2D

Unity Technologies

Roberto   Lopez Mendez, Senior Software Engineer, ARM

Roberto Lopez Mendez

Senior Software Engineer


Henry  Komsky, BD Program Lead, Content Partnerships / Acquisition, Samsung Electronics America

Henry Komsky

BD Program Lead, Content Partnerships / Acquisition

Samsung Electronics America

Michael Baker, Faculty, University of Texas

Michael Baker


University of Texas

AR   Schleicher, Senior Software Engineer, Trion Worlds

AR Schleicher

Senior Software Engineer

Trion Worlds

Ami  Kobayashi, Product Evangelist, DNP HyperTech., Ltd.

Ami Kobayashi

Product Evangelist

DNP HyperTech., Ltd.

Ram  Madhavan, Technical Account Manager, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Ram Madhavan

Technical Account Manager

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Andrew Slater, Lead Asset Store Merchandiser, Unity Technologies

Andrew Slater

Lead Asset Store Merchandiser

Unity Technologies

Hiroki  Omae, Regional Director Japan, Unity Technologies

Hiroki Omae

Regional Director Japan

Unity Technologies

Cristiano Ferreira, Developer Relations Engineer, Intel Corporation

Cristiano Ferreira

Developer Relations Engineer

Intel Corporation

Dan  Sagmiller, Senior VR Solutions Architect, Productive Edge

Dan Sagmiller

Senior VR Solutions Architect

Productive Edge

Jimmy  Alamparambil, Emergent Technology Developer, Unity Technologies

Jimmy Alamparambil

Emergent Technology Developer

Unity Technologies

Terry  Williams, Senior Solutions Engineer, Perforce Software

Terry Williams

Senior Solutions Engineer

Perforce Software

Hollie  Figueroa, Software Test Engineer, Unity Technologies

Hollie Figueroa

Software Test Engineer

Unity Technologies

Srdja  Stetic-Kozic, Tech Lead, Nordeus

Srdja Stetic-Kozic

Tech Lead


Nikola  Damjanov, Senior VFX Artist, Nordeus

Nikola Damjanov

Senior VFX Artist


Jason  Booth, Graphics and Client Architect, Disruptor Beam

Jason Booth

Graphics and Client Architect

Disruptor Beam

Rocco Balsamo, Founder, Simmer.io

Rocco Balsamo



Stella  Cannefax, Software Developer In Test, Unity Technologies

Stella Cannefax

Software Developer In Test

Unity Technologies

MJ Johns, Founder/Director, Astire Games

MJ Johns


Astire Games

Scott Bassett, XR Graphics Lead, Unity Technologies

Scott Bassett

XR Graphics Lead

Unity Technologies

Ryan  Kee, Director of Engineering, Next, W+K Lodge

Ryan Kee

Director of Engineering, Next

W+K Lodge

Andrew  Parsons, Senior Windows Developer Product Manager, Microsoft

Andrew Parsons

Senior Windows Developer Product Manager


Ian MacGillivray, Software Engineer, Google

Ian MacGillivray

Software Engineer


Geoff  Landskov, Software Engineer, Google

Geoff Landskov

Software Engineer


David Oh, Head of Developer Relations, Meta, Co.

David Oh

Head of Developer Relations

Meta, Co.

Ray  Barrera, Director of Mobile Engineering, Age of Learning

Ray Barrera

Director of Mobile Engineering

Age of Learning

Matt  Tullis, Business Development Director, Gaming and VR, Immersion

Matt Tullis

Business Development Director, Gaming and VR


Sanjay  Mistry, Vice President, VIMAec

Sanjay Mistry

Vice President


Shaveen  Kumar, Developer Technology Engineer, NVIDIA

Shaveen Kumar

Developer Technology Engineer


Jacek  Materna, Chief Technology Officer, Assembla

Jacek Materna

Chief Technology Officer


Jules  Urbach, Co-Founder and CEO, Otoy

Jules Urbach

Co-Founder and CEO


Nausharwan Mir, Chief Alliance Officer, Psychic VR Lab Co., Ltd.

Nausharwan Mir

Chief Alliance Officer

Psychic VR Lab Co., Ltd.

Christof  Wegmann, Founder & CTO, Exit Games // Photon

Christof Wegmann

Founder & CTO

Exit Games // Photon

Alex Hopmann, Software Engineer, Games, Facebook

Alex Hopmann

Software Engineer, Games


Stephen   Sullivan, Director of Product - IAP, Unity Technologies

Stephen Sullivan

Director of Product - IAP

Unity Technologies

Kirk  Scott, Manager, Business Development, Nintendo of America

Kirk Scott

Manager, Business Development

Nintendo of America

Szabolcs Csizmadia, , Cybernetic Walrus

Szabolcs Csizmadia

Cybernetic Walrus

Kevin Cogger, Software Engineer, Microsoft

Kevin Cogger

Software Engineer


Anne Evans, Head of Recruiting, Unity Technologies

Anne Evans

Head of Recruiting

Unity Technologies

Joseph Oros, Senior Graphics Programmer, Nordeus

Joseph Oros

Senior Graphics Programmer


Arturo Núñez, Field Engineer, Unity Technologies

Arturo Núñez

Field Engineer

Unity Technologies

Steve Lukas, CEO, Across Realities

Steve Lukas


Across Realities

Tristan Moore, Designer/Co-Founder, Broken Window Studios

Tristan Moore


Broken Window Studios

Adam Creighton, Studio GM & Director of Development, Panic Button Games

Adam Creighton

Studio GM & Director of Development

Panic Button Games

David Rhodes, , Mapbox

David Rhodes


Nathaniel Dirksen, Digital Supervisor, Baobab

Nathaniel Dirksen

Digital Supervisor


Devin Reimer, Chief Technology Owl, Owlchemy Labs

Devin Reimer

Chief Technology Owl

Owlchemy Labs

Rob  Srinivasiah, Senior XR Graphics Engineer, Unity Technologies

Rob Srinivasiah

Senior XR Graphics Engineer

Unity Technologies

Rafael Ferrari, , Skullfish Studios

Rafael Ferrari

Skullfish Studios

Ulf  Johansson, Market Analysis, Manager, Unity Technologies

Ulf Johansson

Market Analysis, Manager

Unity Technologies

Ben Sheftel, CTO and Co-Founder, Blueprint Reality Inc.

Ben Sheftel

CTO and Co-Founder

Blueprint Reality Inc.

Tomislav Rakic, Software Development Engineer, Nordeus

Tomislav Rakic

Software Development Engineer


Justin Price, Software Engineer , Nintendo Technology Development

Justin Price

Software Engineer

Nintendo Technology Development

Justin Braach, Manager, Software Engineer, Nintendo Technology Development

Justin Braach

Manager, Software Engineer

Nintendo Technology Development

Bruno Oliveira, Software Engineer, Google

Bruno Oliveira

Software Engineer


Peter Trennum, VP Mobile Engineering, Age of Learning

Peter Trennum

VP Mobile Engineering

Age of Learning

William Rihn, Interaction Design Architect, Immersion

William Rihn

Interaction Design Architect


Felix The, Director, Product Management, Unity Technologies

Felix The

Director, Product Management

Unity Technologies

Richard Lee, Product Marketing Manager, Unity Technologies

Richard Lee

Product Marketing Manager

Unity Technologies

Andrew Bell, Mobile & VR/AR Architect, FiveOut

Andrew Bell

Mobile & VR/AR Architect


Paul Burslem, Software Developer for Build Pipeline and AssetBundles, Unity Technologies

Paul Burslem

Software Developer for Build Pipeline and AssetBundles

Unity Technologies

Joseph Scheinberg, , Unity Technologies

Joseph Scheinberg

Unity Technologies

Alexandre Amancio, Co-Founder & CEO, Reflector Entertainment Ltd.

Alexandre Amancio

Co-Founder & CEO

Reflector Entertainment Ltd.

Srinivas Rao, Manager, Tata Elxsi

Srinivas Rao


Tata Elxsi

Sergey Sholom, President, GNATION

Sergey Sholom



David Beard, Senior Product Manager, Vuforia

David Beard

Senior Product Manager


Tim Mowrer , XR Programmer, Unity Technologies

Tim Mowrer

XR Programmer

Unity Technologies

Chris Harvey, Visual Effects Supervisor ,

Chris Harvey

Visual Effects Supervisor

Raman Abral, SVP, Business Unit Head of Communications, Media & Entertainment, Tech Mahindra

Raman Abral

SVP, Business Unit Head of Communications, Media & Entertainment

Tech Mahindra

Bill Ramsour, Senior Software Engineer, Unity Technologies

Bill Ramsour

Senior Software Engineer

Unity Technologies

Akihiro  Fuji, CTO, Pyschic VR Lab

Akihiro Fuji


Pyschic VR Lab

Stephen Palmer, Lead Developer, Unity Technologies

Stephen Palmer

Lead Developer

Unity Technologies

Rohit Garg, Senior Software Engineer, Unity Technologies

Rohit Garg

Senior Software Engineer

Unity Technologies

Brendan Fosberry, Senior Backend Engineer, Unity Technologies

Brendan Fosberry

Senior Backend Engineer

Unity Technologies

Brad  Weiers, XR Technical Product Manager, Unity Technologies

Brad Weiers

XR Technical Product Manager

Unity Technologies

Bruce Wooden, Community Engagement, Veative Labs

Bruce Wooden

Community Engagement

Veative Labs

Elizabeth Brown, Chief People Officer , Unity Technologies

Elizabeth Brown

Chief People Officer

Unity Technologies

John Riccitiello, CEO, Unity Technologies

John Riccitiello


Unity Technologies

Marc Tanenbaum, Product Manager, Unity Analytics, Unity Technologies

Marc Tanenbaum

Product Manager, Unity Analytics

Unity Technologies

Mathieu Muller, Field Engineer, Unity Technologies

Mathieu Muller

Field Engineer

Unity Technologies

Paul Kim, , Samsung

Paul Kim


Sarah Stumbo, XR Producer, Unity Technologies

Sarah Stumbo

XR Producer

Unity Technologies

Yvonne Ingalls, Executive Coach and founder of Holosophy Leadership Consulting, Unity Technologies Consultant

Yvonne Ingalls

Executive Coach and founder of Holosophy Leadership Consulting

Unity Technologies Consultant

Cherchez Unity

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