Mobile Business Summit

October 24, Los Angeles

Learn how real-time is revolutionizing filmmaking

Join industry-leading directors, producers, CG artists, influencers and others at Unite LA’s Film and Animation Summit. With in-depth sessions and workshops, attendees will learn about cutting-edge technologies and workflows used for animation, virtual cinematography, and more. Come discover why creative professionals across the entertainment ecosystem are embracing the real-time revolution.

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Join us for a day of sessions from industry leaders and technical experts that are sure to educate and inspire.

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    John Halstead, Supervising Technical Director, Pixar

    John Halstead

    Supervising Technical Director


    Larry Cutler, CTO and Co-founder, Baobab Studios

    Larry Cutler

    CTO and Co-founder

    Baobab Studios

    Sara K. Sampson, Producer, Sonder

    Sara K. Sampson



    Mathieu Muller, Sr. Technical Product Manager for Film, Unity Technologies

    Mathieu Muller

    Sr. Technical Product Manager for Film

    Unity Technologies

    Wes Potter, Product Manager, Unity Technologies

    Wes Potter


    Digital Monarch Media

    Unity Shorts Program

    As part of our commitment to empowering filmmakers and furthering creativity in animation through real-time storytelling, Unity is hosting a special screening of short films during the Film and Animation Summit at Unite LA 2018. Six projects have been selected for this first-of-its kind screening. Beforehand, the team behind Disney’s short VR film, Cycles, will give an inside look at the creation of their piece. Afterward, directors will come on stage for a short Q&A with the audience.

    Learn more about Unity for Film.

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