Mobile Business Summit

October 23, Los Angeles

Learn how to monetize and personalize your game experience with Unity

Join us at Unity’s first-ever Mobile Business Summit, where you’ll hear from our product team and industry leaders on how to increase monetization, retention, and player lifetime value (LTV) in your game. We’ll offer a full day of in-depth sessions around the latest Unity technologies for building adaptive and personalized game experiences.

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    Meet the speakers

    Vladimir Krasilnikov, Head of Game Design, Pixonic

    Vladimir Krasilnikov

    Head of Game Design


    Keith Soljacich, VP of Experiential Technology, Digitas

    Keith Soljacich

    VP of Experiential Technology


    Stephen Sullivan, Director of Product Management, Unity Technologies

    Stephen Sullivan

    Director of Product Management

    Unity Technologies

    Jocelyn Shieh, Business Development Manager, Unity Technologies

    Jocelyn Shieh

    Business Development Manager

    Unity Technologies

    Andrew Kasbari, Senior Product Manager, Unity Technologies

    Andrew Kasbari

    Senior Product Manager

    Unity Technologies

    Ray Wang, Software Engineer and Account Manager, LiveTune, Unity Technologies

    Ray Wang

    Software Engineer and Account Manager, LiveTune

    Unity Technologies

    Learn more about Unity’s solutions for mobile game monetization and live operations.

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