Unite 2017 Singapore

November 2 - 3 — Singapore

Andrew Parsons, Windows Developer Product Marketing, Microsoft

Andrew Parsons

Windows Developer Product Marketing


Arun Kumar Rajendran, Tech Lead - SME in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Tech Mahindra

Arun Kumar Rajendran

Tech Lead - SME in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality

Tech Mahindra

Arvind Neelakantan, Technical Evangelist, India subcontinent, Unity Technologies

Arvind Neelakantan

Technical Evangelist, India subcontinent

Unity Technologies

Carl Callewaert, Global Director Of Evangelism, Unity Technologies

Carl Callewaert

Global Director Of Evangelism

Unity Technologies

Daniel Miller, AR/VR Evangelist, Unity Technologies

Daniel Miller

AR/VR Evangelist

Unity Technologies

Davinder Kohli, Founder, Xent Studios, LLC

Davinder Kohli


Xent Studios, LLC

Delia Hou, VR Business Development & Ecosystem, APAC (excl. China), Nvidia

Delia Hou

VR Business Development & Ecosystem, APAC (excl. China)


Hiroki Omae, Regional Director Japan, Unity Technologies

Hiroki Omae

Regional Director Japan

Unity Technologies

Jason Low, General Manager/Founder, Tiptech 360

Jason Low

General Manager/Founder

Tiptech 360

Jay Santos, Lead Evangelist, South APAC, Unity Technologies

Jay Santos

Lead Evangelist, South APAC

Unity Technologies

John Sietsma, Technical Evangelist, ANZ, Unity Technologies

John Sietsma

Technical Evangelist, ANZ

Unity Technologies

Mathieu Muller, Field Engineer, Film Specialist, Unity Technologies

Mathieu Muller

Field Engineer, Film Specialist

Unity Technologies

Paul Gilbert Maglaya, Instructor, Jose Rizal University

Paul Gilbert Maglaya


Jose Rizal University

Paul  Michio McCarthy, Director of Sales, APAC, Appsflyer

Paul Michio McCarthy

Director of Sales, APAC


Rocky Heckman, HoloLens Business Development Manager - APJ, Microsoft

Rocky Heckman

HoloLens Business Development Manager - APJ


Roy Koo, Founder, IGNITE-VR

Roy Koo



Sabarinath  Nair, Founder & CEO, Skillveri Training Solutions Pvt Ltd

Sabarinath Nair

Founder & CEO

Skillveri Training Solutions Pvt Ltd

Senthamil V, SharePoint Consultant, Litmus Group

Senthamil V

SharePoint Consultant

Litmus Group

Sergey Sholom, President, GNation

Sergey Sholom



Tom Clifton, Senior Programmer, Prosper Education Ltd

Tom Clifton

Senior Programmer

Prosper Education Ltd

Tuan Ann Teh, Manager (Technology Development), ITE College West

Tuan Ann Teh

Manager (Technology Development)

ITE College West

Yifei Boon, Field Engineer, South APAC, Unity Technologies

Yifei Boon

Field Engineer, South APAC

Unity Technologies

Zoltan Gelencser, Managing Partner, 3D.IM

Zoltan Gelencser

Managing Partner


Rus Scammell, Technical Product Manager, 2D, Unity Technologies

Rus Scammell

Technical Product Manager, 2D

Unity Technologies

Brett Bibby, VP Engineering, Unity Technologies

Brett Bibby

VP Engineering

Unity Technologies

Wim Meeussen, Senior Software Engineer, Google

Wim Meeussen

Senior Software Engineer


Georg  Zoeller, Partner Engineering Manager, APAC, Facebook

Georg Zoeller

Partner Engineering Manager, APAC


Shumit Gupta, Senior Manager, Accenture

Shumit Gupta

Senior Manager


Vipin Goyal, Director, Strategy & Operations, Veative Labs

Vipin Goyal

Director, Strategy & Operations

Veative Labs

Srinivasa Rao, Manager, Tata Elxsi

Srinivasa Rao


Tata Elxsi

Kah Hui Teo, Global Localisation Manager, Keywords Studios

Kah Hui Teo

Global Localisation Manager

Keywords Studios

Yong Hock Chye, Innovation/Motion Director, Isobar

Yong Hock Chye

Innovation/Motion Director


Madhur Gupta, Field Engineer, India sub-continent, Unity Technologies

Madhur Gupta

Field Engineer, India sub-continent

Unity Technologies

Angelo Ferro, Senior Business Development Manager, Unity Analytics, Unity Technologies

Angelo Ferro

Senior Business Development Manager, Unity Analytics

Unity Technologies

Nathan Ventura, Product Marketing Manager, Unity Technologies

Nathan Ventura

Product Marketing Manager

Unity Technologies

Vinny DaSilva, Developer Evangelist , Vuforia

Vinny DaSilva

Developer Evangelist


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