May 15 - 17, Seoul

Korea's largest Unity developer conference will be held in Seoul!

Seoul, May 15-17

Unite Seoul 2017 is Korea's largest Unity developer conference with numerous booths and diverse technology and business sessions for Unity users. Some of Unity's elite game engine developers from our R&D teams around the world will also be hosting various sessions on Unity's new features. The exhibition takes place in the COEX Grand Ballroom and Auditorium, situated in the heart of Gangnam, Seoul’s business district.

Under the motto "More than an engine", the conference will also host booths from companies outside the game industry. Come to Unite Seoul and experience the future of Unity.

COEX Grand Ballroom & Auditorium

For two days, more than 4,500 participants will attend Unite Seoul in the COEX Grand Ballroom and Auditorium. The latest content, products and projects made in Unity–games, VR/AR, and from other various fields–will be exhibited, providing an opportunity for Unity users to share ideas and communicate.

What was it like last year?

To see all the great tips, tricks and learnings from last year, watch the past presentations from Unite.

Unite Seoul 2016 Keynote

Unite Seoul 2016 Overview

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