Unite 2017 Melbourne

October 23 — Melbourne, Australia

Marc Tanenbaum, Product Manager, Unity Analytics, Unity Technologies

Marc Tanenbaum

Product Manager, Unity Analytics

Unity Technologies

Jeremy Burgess, Technical Director, PikPok games

Jeremy Burgess

Technical Director

PikPok games

Jennifer Hazel, Executive Director, CheckPoint Organisation Ltd

Jennifer Hazel

Executive Director

CheckPoint Organisation Ltd

Adam Goodrich, CEO, Procedural Worlds

Adam Goodrich


Procedural Worlds

Brett Leavy, Managing and Creative Director, Bilbie Labs

Brett Leavy

Managing and Creative Director

Bilbie Labs

Maya Kerr, Developer & Tech Artist,

Maya Kerr

Developer & Tech Artist

Scott Beca, Senior Programmer, Mighty Games Group

Scott Beca

Senior Programmer

Mighty Games Group

Simon Pederick, Technical Director, Harmonious Games

Simon Pederick

Technical Director

Harmonious Games

Zee Nastalski, Innovation Specialist / Programmer, University of Newcastle

Zee Nastalski

Innovation Specialist / Programmer

University of Newcastle

Justin Whitfort, Lead Programmer, Samurai Punk

Justin Whitfort

Lead Programmer

Samurai Punk

Alberto  Motta, Associate Professor Economics / Founder and CEO, University of New South Wales / Lionsheart Studios

Alberto Motta

Associate Professor Economics / Founder and CEO

University of New South Wales / Lionsheart Studios

Stephan Schutze, Creative Director, Sound Librarian

Stephan Schutze

Creative Director

Sound Librarian

Sabarinath Nair, Founder & CEO, Skillveri Training Solutions Pvt Ltd

Sabarinath Nair

Founder & CEO

Skillveri Training Solutions Pvt Ltd

Carl Callewaert, Global Director Of Evangelism, Unity Technologies

Carl Callewaert

Global Director Of Evangelism

Unity Technologies

Vinny DaSilva, Developer Evangelist , Vuforia

Vinny DaSilva

Developer Evangelist


Jay Santos, Lead Evangelist, South APAC, Unity Technologies

Jay Santos

Lead Evangelist, South APAC

Unity Technologies

Rus Scammell, Technical Product Manager, 2D, Unity Technologies

Rus Scammell

Technical Product Manager, 2D

Unity Technologies

Daniel Miller, AR/VR Evangelist, Unity Technologies

Daniel Miller

AR/VR Evangelist

Unity Technologies

John Sietsma, Technical Evangelist, ANZ, Unity Technologies

John Sietsma

Technical Evangelist, ANZ

Unity Technologies

Dioselin  Gonzalez, Lead Principal Engineer, Mixed Reality at Unity Labs, Unity Technologies

Dioselin Gonzalez

Lead Principal Engineer, Mixed Reality at Unity Labs

Unity Technologies

Arvind Neelakantan, Technical Evangelist, India subcontinent, Unity Technologies

Arvind Neelakantan

Technical Evangelist, India subcontinent

Unity Technologies

Yifei Boon, Field Engineer, South APAC, Unity Technologies

Yifei Boon

Field Engineer, South APAC

Unity Technologies

Delia Hou, VR Business Development & Ecosystem, APAC (excl. China), Nvidia

Delia Hou

VR Business Development & Ecosystem, APAC (excl. China)


Andrew Parsons, Windows Developer Product Marketing, Microsoft

Andrew Parsons

Windows Developer Product Marketing


Rocky Heckman, HoloLens Business Development Manager - APJ, Microsoft

Rocky Heckman

HoloLens Business Development Manager - APJ


Chris Hawkins, Engineer, Games Partnerships, Facebook

Chris Hawkins

Engineer, Games Partnerships


Sergey Sholom, President, GNation

Sergey Sholom



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